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You've been waiting for it: here's our opening show!!!!

We are honored to announce our opening show: Norah - Yarah - Rosa! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7UiiEKNz1M/?igsh=MWNveHkwaHg0MHR6dA== We've seen them grow through the Junior Dance Tour, and we're proud to welcome these big stars of tomorrow. Don't miss them at Juste Debout!


Junior Dance Tour

The Junior Dance Tour is back in Paris! June 15 at the Théâtre Chaillot! Below are the rules! We look forward to seeing you there! Junior Dance Tour 2024 rules 1. Purpose of the competition The Junior Dance Tour is a competitive dance event for young dancers. It comprises two main categories: the 1 vs 1 competition for dancers aged 8 to 14, and the choreography competition for groups of 2 to 6 people, aged 6 to 14. 2. Entry requirements 1 vs 1 competition: Open to children aged 8 to 14 - Pre-registration by clicking here. Choreographic competition: Open to groups of 2 to 6 people, aged 6 to 14. Performances must last between 4 and 6 minutes. Times: Doors open at 3:30 p.m. - Boom at 4 p.m. - Competition begins at 5 p.m. How to enter the choreography competition: Film your show and post it on instagram crossposting with @junior_dance_tour & @toponthefloor . The groups with the most likes on Instagram AND votes via the Top on the floor mobile app https://app.totf.io will then be presented to the jury, who will then pre-select the top 6 groups, who will take part in the competition at the Théâtre Chaillot. Entries close on June 10, 2024. 3. Competition schedule Pre-selections: For the choreography competition, the videos posted will be put to the vote on Instagram and the Top on the Floor app. The 6 finalist groups will be selected before the event based on these votes (40% of the total) and the remaining votes by the jury. 1 VS 1: Each dancer has 30 seconds to impress the jury during the pre-selections. The 16 best dancers will be selected for the main competition. During the event, the public will also be able to vote live via the Top On The Floor app. 4. Voting rules Voting via Instagram and Top on the Floor is limited to one vote per person. In the event of a percentage of votes between 45-55% for 1 vs 1, the result will be considered a tie. 5. Winning The winner of the 1 vs 1 contest will win his/her participation as a contestant at the Juste Debout event in February 2025 at the Accor Arena in Paris. The winners of the 1 vs 1 competition and the choreography competition will receive invitations to the international Juste Debout event in February 2025 at the Accor Arena in Paris, a trip worth 2,500 euros or a pass for the “Chaillot Experience”. 6. General terms and conditions Participants agree that their performances and images may be used for promotional purposes related to the event. The organization reserves the right to modify the rules if necessary, without prior notice. 7. Registration and further information If you have any questions, or would like more details about the event and registration, please visit the event website or contact the organizer directly @junior_dance_tour .


The Last chance preselections

"The last chance preselections" are the last opportunity for dancers who were unable to compete in the 2020 preselections to try to win access to the final at SportHalle (subject to availability). This year, the pre-selections will take place over one day on 31 May.

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